Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday was one year since Jeff passed away. It seems like it has been an eternity - not just 365 days.

I started the day by going to Mass at 8AM - picking up my mother for a day out. We headed towards Tampa and stopped at my younger brother's cemetery plot. He was killed on his motorcycle in '88 at the age of 27 (not his fault). Then we went for lunch on the Gulf - live music, good food and spent the afternoon watching the alligators swimming around the marsh. Thank goodness we were elevated on a deck.

I must confess that I kept my eyes on the clock - being Jeff passed away at 3:05PM. When the clock hands showed it was 3:05 ... I looked around the restaurant and nothing had changed. All the people were still talking, laughing, eating and the music was still blaring. I know Jeff was happy we were out and about and not just sitting at home. He wants me to go on with my life as I would with him if the tables were turned.

Only God knows what the future holds but I know I am a survivor.