Thursday, February 19, 2009


Good morning! Today is speech therapy/facial vital stimulator session and then off for chemo at 2:30 PM. Jeff had a good night from what I can tell - but was up around 4AM. It might mean he was "slept-out".

Yesterday I decided to call the fellow that does our pressure washing of the lanai screen cage. After looking at our driveway/walkway - I realized that needed to be done. We usually tackled that chore - but it would take me a few days without Jeff's help. Patrick called me yesterday afternoon to schedule the job and asked me how I was doing. He knew about Jeff last summer when he was here to do the lanai job. Long story short - he lost his wife last year to breast/brain cancer. He spent quite a bit of time on the phone talking to me and even told me to call him whenever I needed to talk or needed information. It's nice to know there are caring people out there who are willing to go above and beyond.

Another observation I have made is there are very few people that want to hang around you when they know you have a seriously ill spouse. I am blessed with two wonderful couples that live next door and down the street from me who are always willing to help. They call/e-mail often - even make extra food for me. (Not that I need that).... It means a lot to me that they care. In the past I've heard the same thing from friends that have had a seriously ill spouse and I always thought how can that be...... now I am experiencing that as well. Maybe they are worried it might be contagious.

I also have some wonderful close friends and family that live further away that keep in touch via e-mail and phone. They are never in a hurry when I'm venting and always have great advice.

Enough of my ramblings ..... It will be a good day once we get organized around here. Have a great Thursday everyone.

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