Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday's update

I decided to start this blog so my family and friends could follow Jeff's journey. This past year has been a struggle - not only for Jeff but for me. I keep praying, hoping and am trying not to worry - but at times it is difficult.

Tuesday was a difficult day for Jeff in the pain area. I have totally taken him off the codeine. After last week's hospitalization for the build-up of this medication - it was best to not give it to him. He is now taking 1/2 dose of Hydrocodone - 5mg twice a day. I did hear him moaning at 2:30AM - so gave him another dose. On Thursday I will ask the doctor about putting him on a different pain Rx because I think he has built up a tolerance for the one he's been on for almost a full year.

This morning he seems to be much better and is actually more active (coming outside for a puff on his cigar and enjoying the beautiful song birds that have arrived.

Thursday is his second chemo (third go around) and I can expect increased activity for at least two days because of the steroid they put in the I.V. He's much more talkative and active. I cherish those two days because by the third day he's back to being quiet, sleeping quite a bit and lethargic. He will have one more chemo next week and then one week off followed by three more chemos and then another dreadful PET scan to see where we are. Hopefully this different chemo will penetrate those cells and destroy them.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.



  1. Cheryl, thank you for doing this. I can't begin to imagine what both of you are going through. We will keep you in our daily prayers. Keep up the blog.

  2. We are praying for both of you. One of my friends at work has a brother who was diagnosed with cancer over four years ago, and he was not supposed to live six months, but he is still here. His Mom also blogs. I'll ask her what her Mom's spot is; you might want to read hers. She's been keeping it for some time now.