Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good news and irritating news

Well the good news is that I got a call last night from Jeff's eye doctor and they have decided that it would be good for Jeff to have his cataract removed from his good eye. The surgery only takes 15 minutes - but will have to be in the outpatient surgery center for one hour. They have to do an ultrasound test and he will need to see the doctor for an in depth look/see prior to the procedure. He also needs to get clearance from his regular doctor prior to the operation. We are going to get that clearance from his Oncologist. He also has to be off his heart pill for one week prior which should be fine with him.

Having this cataract removed will hopefully help with his balance problems. Unfortunately at this time, they are leaving the left eye alone - because they need for the scar tissue on the cornea to heal. It's coming along - but has a way to go.

With the excess skin on the upper and lower lids - we will wait to have that done in the future. As I had mentioned - if they did that procedure now - they would still have to sew part of that closed to protect the cornea. Having that cataract removed will give him 20/20 vision in his right eye. He's all for it - so we will schedule the appointments next week when the office is open.

Now for the "upsetting news" ..... got in the mail a bill for $5.57 from of all places Citrus Memorial Hospital radiology department. What the heck!!!! Those are the same people that miss diagnosed him in the first place. Over my dead body am I paying that bill. So on Monday I will have a field day when I contact them regarding this. I know it's not a lot of money - but it's the principle of the thing. They can sing Dixie over this bill. Just thought of something funny - if they pursue this I will tell them I will pay pennies on the dollar.

Have a great weekend.

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