Monday, March 2, 2009

It's going to be a long day

The dreaded Sunday night has come and gone. I can set my watch to it ..... the third day after Jeff's chemo and he's back to wandering at night. Sure wish I could talk the Oncologist into giving Jeff a Rx for daily steroids. Normalcy returns to our lives right after his chemo treatments when they include the steroid with his Taxotere chemo solution. Unfortunately a daily steroid would be harmful. He has this week off for chemo and next week he will start one a week for the following three weeks followed by the dreaded PET scan.

Today I will get the ball rolling for his cataract procedure. This will require one ultrasound test and an appointment with the eye surgeon. (Update - test will be a week from Wednesday 3/11 and on 3/18 - they will remove the cataract). He also has his weekly facial stimulation sessions on Wed/Thur/Fri.

Update on the bill from Citrus Memorial Hospital (Radiology Dept.) .... for $5.57. Well the bill was "sent out in error - please disregard it". Hmmm!

You'll get a kick out of this .... a few of our Silver Thorn bushes look like they are dying. Being new to the outdoor vegetation and all that entails I poured some chemical into the sprayer - added the required water and pumped up the sprayer. I was all set to start spraying the pesky insects that are killing the plants only to discover the sprayer does NOT work. What the heck! So today I will canvas the neighborhood to see if I can borrow some one's sprayer. (Update - a dear friend's husband has a sprayer - so that problem is solved). Nothing is easy. Like I said before chaos isn't a theory it's my life.

Have a good Monday everyone.

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  1. I hope the treatments are working. I know how hard this must be on both of you. You are both champions. We are praying for you.