Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long day .... but a lot accomplished

Started my day by calling Jeff's primary doctor's office to see if the PET scan CD's arrived from the diagnostic center in New Port Richey. Second time they were sent out and of course I got the same response - "No Mrs. Salow nothing arrived". Our attorney has been asking for them since Feb. 2 ..... and thinking I could save myself and Jeff the long trip south I thought it would be easier for them to mail the CD's to our doctor's office.

So I called NPRichey diagnostic office and told them we'd drive down this afternoon to pick them up. That way I could get them in the mail to our attorney so he can send those to New York.

This morning we got an early start - went up to my mother's place to deliver her Rx that arrived via mail and also stopped to buy some plastic cups that go over the legs of her walker. Without them the walker is difficult to move smoothly.

Oh yes - between all the trips I was able to spray the bushes that are dying in our yard. The little sprayer I borrowed worked great. Another chore accomplished.

On the way to the post office to mail the PET scan CD's - got a call from Sunflower ALF so instead of trying to call them back I stopped in to see what they called for. She wanted a shower chair ordered for her new room - only to discover she had one that Medicare paid for back in 2001. Medicare only pays for medical equipment once. I also found out that it probably won't be until the middle of the month when she will be able to move. They are waiting for the State authorities to walk through and give their stamp of approval.

Have a great evening - I definitely will.

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  1. It's amazing all the rules that Medicare has. Very hard to keep them straight. You always find out what they are at the worst possible time. Take care.