Thursday, March 26, 2009

I guess my hearing is not too good .... let me explain

I took Jeff for his sixth chemo this afternoon and had three questions for his "Harley riding" Oncologist. I knew we weren't scheduled to see him - so I just hand a note to the nurse who administers the I.V. (Not that I don't slip into his office on the way out for some light conversation). He's such a neat guy and great bedside manner with his patients.

Now to the hearing problem I must have ..... this was NOT his last chemo. When Dr. H had originally told me 6 treatments it was really 6 (3 session) treatments = 18. Every fourth Thursday he has that off. So in reality Jeff has only had 6 treatments - next week off - and then another 3 treatments - the following week off, on and on until he has completed a total of 18. Then a PET scan will be scheduled. Duh! So we have a way to go before the dreaded PET.

Also he has a urinary tract infection - so will pick up a Rx for that. Thank goodness for Medicare and his supplement Rx insurance.

That's the update ...... I just hope I can keep all of this straight because not only my hearing must be getting bad but I've heard the memory loss follows....

Have a great evening!

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  1. With all those appointments, it would be hard not to get a few bits mixed up. You are doing a wonderful job. The longer treatment duration sounds as if it is more likely to have the impact you want. Our best to all.