Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I THINK I accomplished quite a bit today. Not only did the speech therapist arrive to work on Jeff's facial muscles but my screen men showed up. I had to have three screen panels replaced as well as hardware on the man-door. The screening and spline only last about 10 years and you can see where the spline is shrinking. They gave me a good tip - if a hurricane is headed our way I should slash all the screens - which would save the cage. Replacing a cage would cost around $9K versus replacing all the screens at $900. I never thought of that.

After that was all completed I had to take Jeff's van in for an oil change along with having the new tire put on. Thank goodness there were no customers so it only took about 45 minutes to accomplish those two chores.

Tomorrow is Jeff's last chemo in this series - then we will schedule the PET scan. He's plugging along - but last night he was very confused. That always worries me when I'm trying to fall asleep. To be on the safe side I've taken the car keys out of the ignitions. That would be my luck - if he got in the car thinking he could drive and then end up in an accident. I don't need that on my plate as well.

My mother should be moving to the new assisted living facility shortly. There was a big open house reception last night - but with the van just having the temporary tire I couldn't risk driving up to get her and then drive her back. The mechanic said I should not drive far with that tire. I know she was disappointed - but it was not in the cards. Hopefully they will have more open house receptions (complete with a band) after she moves in so she can see what she missed out on.

Have a great Wednesday evening....

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