Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday's reality

This morning reality set in AGAIN. After undergoing 16 chemo treatments - Jeff's hair is slowly starting to fall out. I know he hasn't noticed, which is a good thing. He was so happy that up to now he beat the odds of hair loss. In fact after his radiation treatments his hair came in real curly and was turning dark - the grey was disappearing. Now this! The good news is I have a nice straw hat he bought about ten years ago and never wore. It will come in handy now!

Got a call this morning from the visiting nurse. She's scheduled to stop in around 3PM to re-certify him with Medicare so he can continue to receive the facial stimulation therapy three times a week. Then off to see the eye surgeon at 6PM. She wanted to see him after all her patients left - so he wouldn't have to wait.

Decided to give him a morphine yesterday afternoon. I thought it would be safe because he had been off of them since he was admitted to the hospital about a month ago. Wrong idea .... he just can't handle those. He was back to being very confused, had difficulty walking and in general not doing well at all. He's now back on the Hydrocodone and he tolerates that pretty well.

After Jeff's eye appointment I think I'll treat myself and stop by McDonalds for a hamburger. I'm selfish and don't feel like making dinner in the middle of the night. It always takes about 1-2 hours when he has an eye appointment and it takes another 45 minutes to drive home.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. It certainly seems as if you are figuring out the best way to handle all of these problems. It is certainly a good thing that you are.