Friday, February 20, 2009

Great evening

Yesterday went off without a glitch. Jeff's speech therapist came in for her hour muscle stimulation and then off to chemo we went. His blood results were still good and he gained 3# since last week - up to 142.5#.

While he was receiving his treatment I took the opportunity to take my mother over to see her new apartment in the Sunflower Assisted Living Facility. She just loves it - which made me happy. I also was able to take over a few more boxes that she had packed up. Hopefully when it's time to move permanently - most of the loose items will be already there and put away.

Then whisked her back and off to pick up Jeff. Had a one on one talk with the Oncologist and he agreed with me to change Jeff's pain Rx. He put him on Tramadol (non-narcotic). All I can say is it must have worked - no roaming in the middle of the night and as I type this he is still sleeping comfortably. As a result - I had a great night's sleep.

Today is non-eventful - speech therapist at 10AM and the pressure washing of the driveway/walkway. Hopefully I can sneak in a haircut this afternoon.

Have a great Friday.


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