Sunday, March 8, 2009

Am I being selfish

On Friday I came up with the idea that I might be acting selfish wanting Jeff to go through with his cataract removal on top of everything else he's having to go through. After talking it over with his speech therapist she confirmed that this was a "good thing" as long as his Oncologist clears him for the procedure. She went on to say that anything that can give him "quality of life" is a plus. When a person notices an improvement in any health issues it releases endorphins in the brain - giving them a "high" feeling. She also said that is why she is continuing the facial stimulation. It's important to continue any treatments that make him feel like he's moving forward and not backwards. So with the Oncologist's approval (which I hope to obtain on Thursday) the cataract removal will take place on 3/18.

This morning he said he felt much better and I attribute that to not having chemo this week. Next week he will start back on chemo for the next three weeks (once a week) and then another PET scan. One good plus is that he has not lost any hair - and in fact it is growing so fast after just two weeks he needed another haircut. The only side effect I detect so far is a few little split fingernails which are filed down as soon as I see them.

Today will be spent pick up my mother to take her shopping at Walmart. Not the store I wanted to go to but I can always pick up what I need when I go out alone. She has been such a trooper - in that I can't get up to see her as much as I would like. She doesn't complain at all - one less thing for me to feel guilty about.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. Sounds like a good idea to me as well. From what I hear (I've not had a cataract operation), the procedure is not terribly difficult, and you see better almost immediately, which certainly would be a boost, or so I would think.

    Someone at work is coming back this week Thursday after having been gone for the last five months. Her husband also has cancer (it started elsewhere but is now in the bones). He is on permanent chemo, but it seems to be helping him right now. He is retired military and will have his treatments once a month in Germany, which is not too far away, actually. Take care.

  2. You are not selfish although you might be selfish in desiring what is best for your family. I also am selfish when it comes to my family but that is normal and good if the family unit is going to survive. It is my belief that as we grow in our marriage, we become less "personally" selfish and become more caring selfishnes for our "team." Thank you for all you are doing for the family. By the way ... you write very well.