Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He can see clearly now .......(song)

Today was very quick paced. We thought we had time to spare and then got a call from the outpatient surgery center. They had some cancellations and Dr. Linda Lepik was available to come in earlier. We were originally scheduled to be there at 11:45 but they changed arrival time to 10:15. We got a call at 8:45 and had to leave the house by 9:20 to drive the distance and arrive on time. Thank goodness I was pretty much ready - but getting Jeff's butt in high gear was hilarious.

The cataract removal only takes about 15 minutes - but you all know the before prep and the after procedure of apple juice/cookie consumption takes time. Needless to say he just had two sips of the apple juice.

While in the waiting room prior to the appointment I saw a woman walk out with a clear plastic guard over her eye and the rest of the people were walking about with a black guard over their eye. Hmmm - it would seem the clear plastic would be better as it has to be taped over his eye at night and just using his bad eye would be an invitation for disaster. I mentioned this to the nurse after I got back from Walmart - while Dr. L was still back with him. She went back and got the clear plastic and sure enough - he was wheeled out with it taped on his face.

He told me this afternoon that he can see better out of that right eye and to me it looks clearer. A follow-up appointment is scheduled tomorrow - 9:25 and then on to chemo at 2PM. If any of you want to reach me - I'll spend the 1.5 hours with my mother having "tea at 3". I think I'll even have a brownie ....

Have a great evening.

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  1. You deserve that brownie. Enjoy it. I am so glad that Jeff can see better. He deserves that.