Thursday, March 5, 2009

Medical Family Therapist

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Boissoneault Oncology Institute has a Medical Family Therapist on staff to meet with patients. Today we had a visit with Patrick Meadors, PhD.... Early today I had asked Jeff if he wanted to write down some topics he'd like to cover and he said he had plenty and he'd remember. Ooookkkkk!

Not knowing what to expect the therapist asked if I wanted to come in - but I thought Jeff might feel more open to discuss whatever without me there. About 30 minutes later Patrick came out to get me and said Jeff was having difficulities hearing him.

It was interesting - we discussed ongoing pain causing depression, trying to eat via mouth, and for Jeff to stop mourning what he use to be and focus on where he is now. We'd all like to be what we were .... but find something redeeming at this particular moment. When Jeff left to visit the men's room, Patrick and I discussed anticipatory grief. While it may help the family, the very ill or dying person may experience too much grief, causing the patient to become withdrawn.

The sum and substance is he is going to talk to the radiation doctor about getting some pain management as well as a Rx for the thrush he still experiences in his throat. He also said we could set up another appointment - but the next two weeks we are concentrating on his cataract.

I think Jeff had trouble hearing him because he spoke in a higher pitch. Poor guy - on the way home he said he had hoped to get more out of the session. We also found out they have a Head/Neck cancer support group that meets the third Wednesday of every month. I'll suggest that in the future.

Lisa, the speech therapist, had to cancel again today. Her little son is still very sick. Hopefully she will be here tomorrow.

Have a great evening.....

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  1. Cheryl,

    I think you are really covering all the bases. I hope that provides you with comfort. It should.