Friday, March 13, 2009

What a day yesterday

Let me back up .... on Wednesday we saw Dr. Linda (the gal that is going to do the cataract procedure). She had an ultrasound done on Jeff's good eye ..... dilated his eyes, yada yada yada. On the way home he started feeling pain in that eye. It was pretty severe and I didn't know if I should take him to the hospital. Instead I called Dr. Linda's cell phone and of course no answer.

Thursday morning I got him up early - showered, shaved, etc. Drove the 30 miles south to see Dr. Linda (without an appointment). Luckily I saw her in the hall and had a chance to talk to her. For some odd reason her phone did not register that I had called. The waiting room was packed and I was concerned we'd have to wait. This was not an option because he had chemo scheduled at 2PM - about 48 miles north. She took him in immediately (no waiting). I truly believe there is a God ...

Long story short = his eye had dried out from the ultrasound. She numbed it - checked it out and thankfully there was no infection. She gave me an antibiotic and drops to be on the safe side. Got him home to rest before chemo.

Off to chemo and left papers for his Oncologist to stamp his approval for the procedure (which he did sign). He also gave me a Rx for the Thrush infection in his throat as well as a pain Rx.
Dashed off the health food store for mother --- took up her purchase to the assisted living facility, fixed her computer and had time for a cup of tea and then back to pick up Jeff. Dropped off the Rx on the way home - fed him and then back to pick up the prescriptions and do a little grocery shopping. By the time I got home it was 5:30PM - only to find out that the pain Rx the doc had given me was the same pain Rx that landed him in the hospital a few weeks ago (Morphine). If any of you need any morphine - just let me know. I'm sure as not going to give him that stuff again.

This morning we are back at Dr. Linda's so she can just check his eye. The cataract procedure is scheduled for Wed. afternoon. For two weeks after the removal he needs 4 different eye drops in his eye every 2 hours. I guess he will be joined at my hip. Also he has to wear a patch on that eye at night - so if he gets up in the night he will be navigating with his bad eye. This should be a real challenge and I'm anxious to see how that goes. I guess I will be sleeping on the other couch adjacent to where he sleeps so I can help him. So if I'm venting the next two weeks you'll know it's from a lack of sleep.

All in all I think it will be just fine and in the end hopefully he will see a big improvement.

And the beat goes on ......

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You would think there must be some way for all doctors who treat a patient to know important facts about that person. If intelligent consumers don't pay attention, the system is ripe for trouble.

    Oh, by the way, if I have to admit I am a grandma, you are a grand aunt.

    Take care, Cheryl. AS always, I remain impressed by how giving you are.

  2. Problems Cheryl are always part of our lives. It is the main reason we need God and can not do it on our own. I told my doctors they are my employees and I am firing them! They looked at me shocked. Went back to my original doctors. The ones who saved me from my busted Aneurysm March 2007. They told me I should not get an operation to sew up the Hernia. It was not bad enough to warrant the risk due to the bad shape my lungs are in. Am now on 24 hr Oxygen. I made an appointment with an ear nose and throat Dr. for the Sinus infection I still have. Maybe my breathing will improve. Tell Jeff my prayers are with him and as you should know know your mother and you are also in my prayers.